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How to Access the Follett Discover Tool in Canvas

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Follett Discover allows you to add textbooks directly into your course improving turnaround time, and accuracy. You can also use Follett Discover to search for new materials within the bookstores database.

1. Accessing Follett Discover

Choose any course and click on Follett Discover to the left.

Course Navigation Menu in Canvas with Follett Discover selected

If the Follett Discover link is not present, follow the next steps. Otherwise, jump to Viewing Follett Discover.

1.2. Click on Settings

Course Navagation menu with settings selected

1.3. Click on Navigation at the top

Settings menu with navigation selected

1.4. Make sure Follett Discover is enabled

Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for Follett discover in the menu. Once found, click on the three vertical dots and click enable.

Enabling Follett discover

Don't forget to click save at the bottom.

Go back to the course navigation panel and click on Follett Discover.

2. Viewing Follett Discover

Follett Discover will open a new window in your browser and will show you your textbooks that are available for courses using Inclusive Access through the Follett Campus Bookstore.

Click on the dropdown menu and select the term that you wish to see textbooks for.

Follett Discover dropdown menu

Enter a subject name and select "Discover for this course" to find learning materials for your course.

Enter subject name in Follett discover


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