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Change Canvas Course Availability

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This article is for faculty who want to make their Canvas courses available or unavailable to students using Course Publishing and Course Participation.

Publish/Unpublish a Course

Courses are initially unpublished at the start of every term to allow time for faculty to build their courses.

Publishing a course will allow students to view course materials and content, but not necessarily allow students early access to assignment submissions and participation.

View the instructions for modifying course participation for more information.

View the Academic Senate policy regarding LMS Opening Timelines.

Click on the Home button in the left Course Navigation panel.

Home Page

2. Unpublish or Publish the Course

Switch the Course Status between Unpublished and Publish by clicking the respective status on the top right of the Home Page.

A course can no longer be unpublished after an assignment has been graded.


Modify Course Participation

Course Participation is set to the current Term dates by default. To allow students early access to assignment submissions, Course Participation can be adjusted.

1. Open the Course and Navigate to the Course's Settings

Click on the Settings button at the bottom of the left Course Navigation panel.

Course Settings

2. Switch Course Participation from Term to Course

Click the Participation dropbox and select Course.

Course Participation Settings

3. Fill in the Course Participation Dates

Students will be able to participate in discussions and interact with assignments between these dates.

Course Start and End Dates

4. (Optional) Restrict Students From Viewing the Course

Faculty can restrict students from opening and accessing a course, according to the Course start and end dates. This will remove the course from students' Dashboard and Courses.

Restrict Students From Viewing Course

5. Update Course Details

Make sure the new settings have been saved to the course by clicking the Update Course Details button on the bottom right.

Update Course Details Button

Check out the Student Restriction and Course Publishing documentation provided by Canvas!


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