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Using Ally to Check Accessibility

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This article is for faculty who want to check the accessibility of a course on Canvas.

1. Find Ally on Your Course Navigation Menu

The Ally Course Accessibility tab can be found in the Course Navigation to the left in Canvas.

Image of Course Navigation Menu with the Ally Course Accessiblity Report highlighted

If you cannot find the Ally Course Accessibility tab, you may need to enable it from your course's settings. If you do see it, skip to Section 2.

1.2. Change Your Navigation Settings

From the Course Navigation Menu, click on the Settings tab.

Image of the Course Navigation Menu with the Settings link highlighted

Click on the Navigation tab at the top of the Settings page.

Image of the Settings page with the Navigation tab highlighted

Scroll down until you find Ally Course Accessibility Report. It may be far down on the list. Click on the vertical dot menu next to Ally Course Accessibility Report. Then click the Enable button.

Image of the Navigation tab with the menu for Ally Course Accessibility Report highlighted and the + enable button highlighted

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save button.

Image of the navigation tab with the save button at the bottom of the page highlighted

Check your Course Navigation Menu on the left side of the page for a link to Ally Course Accessibility Reports.

Image of the Course Navigation tab with the Ally Course Accessibility Report link highlighted

2. View an Overview of Your Course's Accessibility Score

The first page of Ally Course Accessibility Reports shows your overall accessibility score.

Image of the Ally Course Accessibility Report with a Course accessibility score of 64%

The report also shows the different types of content in your course: images, pages, assignments, quizzes, discussion topics, announcements, and the syllabus.

Ally Course Accessibility report with a breakdown of course content: 400 images, 80 pages, 45 assignments, 18 quizzes, 10 discussion topics, 2 announcements, and 1 syllabus and a view button

Most importantly, the overview report also shows content that has issues.

Image of report overview with the to click a start button to click 260 content with the easiest issues to fix or a start button to fix 260 low scoring content

3. Fix Accessibility Issues

3.1. Fix Low Scoring Content

Now that you know your course's accessibility score, you can start fixing issues. Click the Start button for Fix low scoring content to begin making content more accessible.

Image of start button to fix 260 low scoring content

3.2. View an Item's Accessibility Issues

Click on a content item's file name to view its accessibility issues.

Image with a banner image with 1 issue and a score of 25%

3.3. Fix Issues in Ally

You will see the report page for an individual item. In this example, an image is missing a description. Ally also prompts you to fix the issue.

Image of students with Ally's notes score 25% this image is missing a description and a space to add image description

Ally allows you to add an image description directly from the report.

Image with a description in ally's add field image shows college students sitting at tables ina  science classroom. Image also has the text welcome.

After fixing an issue, Ally adjusts the score for the course content item.

Image of accessibility score for updated image 100% perfect you have successfully added an image

Some items may have more than one issue.

Updated accessibility score for png file with remaining issues this image has contrast issues increase score up to 100 % guidance coming soon

To check accessibility while you create course content, use Canvas's accessibility checker. This appears below the RCE (Rich Content Editor). 

image of a banner an image of the CSU East Bay letters in the Canvas rich content editor with the accessibility symbol highlighted and 2 issues


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