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Canvas Quizzes Availability and Accommodations

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This article is for Faculty who are familiar with Canvas quizzes and would like a quick guide on making sure availability settings and accommodation settings are correct for students who need extended time. To learn more about Canvas quizzes, please read Classic Quizzes vs. New Quizzes.

1. Availability Settings for Quizzes in Canvas

Canvas uses availability dates to control when a student has access to a quiz. Unlike in Blackboard, if a student starts a timed Canvas quiz partway through the availability period, this student will not get the full time: The quiz will end when the availability period ends. For example, a 60-minute timed midterm is available from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. In Canvas, a student who starts the midterm at 9:30 a.m. will only have 30 minutes to work on the midterm before it is automatically submitted.

1.1. Set Quiz Availability Dates for Most Students

Select the Quizzes link on the Course Navigation Menu. Select a quiz.

Image of course navigation with quizzes selected and the quiz fall exam selected

Select Edit.

Image of a quiz with the edit button highlighted

Scroll down to the Assign box and add Due, Available from, and Until dates. Students will not be able to continue an exam after the Until date even if they start the exam before this time. For example, all exams will be submitted by 10:00 AM. If this is a timed exam and a student started late, they will still be cut off at 10:00. A student will be cut off at 10:00 even with accessibility accommodations.

Image of assign to box with everyone due date at 10 available at 9, and until at 10

Faculty can make an exam available for a wide period of time. Alternatively, it is possible to have a narrow window when students take an exam and add different availability dates for students with accommodations. To add different availability dates for a student with accommodations, click on the + Add button. Follow the steps below to create these alternate dates.

1.2. Adjust Availability Dates for Students with Accommodations and Schedule Conflicts

If a student needs a longer window in which to take a test or if an alternate testing date has been approved, use the +Add button to allow some students to take the quiz at different times.

Image of assign to box with the + Add button highlighted

Enter different availability dates for a student who needs accommodations or a different date and then choose Save.

Image of assign to everyone else box and assign to example student with different dates

In the image above, the faculty member wants to give a test that is available from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. The example student needs two hours for the test, so faculty member will need to add a different due date and availability period for this student. If the test is timed, the he/she will also need to moderate the accommodation settings for this student (shown in the next section).

2. Accommodation Settings for Timed Quizzes in Canvas

Accommodation settings for timed quizzes in Canvas vary depending on whether you use a classic quiz or a new quiz. If your quiz has an outline of a rocket ship, you are using a classic quiz. If your quiz has a filled in rocket ship, it is a new quiz. View Section 2.1 to learn how to add accommodations to classic quizzes, and Section 2.2 to learn how add accommodations to new quizzes.


Image of quizzes page and example of a classic and a new quiz

2.1. Add Accommodations to a Classic Quiz

From the Quizzes page, click on the name of your classic quiz.

Image of quizzes page with a class quiz's name highlighted

Select Moderate This Quiz in the upper-right corner.

Image of moderate this quiz link highlighted

Find the name of a student who needs accommodations. Select the pencil icon.

Image of moderate page with the edit pencil icon highlighted for test student

Add extra attempts and/or additional time (i.e. how much time will be added to the original amount of time). Select Save.

Image of student extensions window options for extra attempts and extra time on every attempt save button highlighted

In the example above, the class gets 30 minutes to take the quiz, and this student will get an additional 30 minutes (i.e. 60 minutes total) to take this quiz.

2.2. Add Accommodations to a New Quiz

On the Quizzes page, select the name of your new quiz.

Image of quizzes page with a new quiz's name highlighted

Scroll down and select Build in the lower-right corner.

Image of the build button for a new quiz highlighted

Select the Moderate tab at the top of the page.

Image of a quiz's build page with the moderate tab highlighted

To add accommodations for one quiz, select the Moderate button to the right of a student's name. To add the same accommodation to all quizzes, select the pencil icon. In the first example, we will add the same accommodation to all quizzes.

Image of moderate page with accommodations for all quizzes pencil icon and the button to moderate one quiz highlighted

Find the row for a student who needs accommodations. Select the pencil icon.

Image of moderate page with the accommodations pencil icon highlighted

Select the Time adjustments drop down menu. You can give additional time, remove a quiz's time limit, or use a time multiplier to accommodate this student's quiz settings for all quizzes in this course. If your quizzes have different time limits, consider using a time limit multiplier to add time accommodations. Please follow guidelines sent by Accessibility Services.

Image of settings for all assessments and time adjustments none give additional time remove time limit (unlimited) time limit multiplier

To adjust accommodations for an individual quiz select Moderate.

Image of moderate page with the moderate button highlighted for a student

You will be able to allow a student to have extra attempts to do a quiz from the Additional Attempts drop down menu. By default, students get one attempt and 0 additional attempts. You will also be able to give a student unlimited time to take a quiz or add time for a timed quiz from the Time adjustments drop down menu.

Image of moderate window with additional attempts 0 and time adjustments dropdown options none give additional time or remove time limit unlimited

If you select Give additional time, you will be able to enter the amount of time to be added to the original amount allotted.

Image of time adjustments dropdown and give additional time selected with 15 minutes added

In the example below, the class will have 30 minutes to take a quiz. This student gets 15 minutes additional time (i.e. 45 minutes total).

Make time accommodations for a student in either the Accommodations column or the Moderate column of a new quiz to avoid giving a student more time than intended.


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