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Hide the Total Column and Hide and Post Grades in Canvas' Gradebook

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This article is for Faculty who would like learn how to keep letter grades hidden from students throughout the semester as well as control how to Hide and Post grades for individual assignment columns in the Canvas grade book. Setting your Canvas Course to Manually Post grades allows you to choose when you would like to release grading and assessment information to your students. Click here to learn how you will have to manually choose to Hide and Post grades on individual assignments in the Canvas Gradebook

1. Hide the Total Column in the Gradebook

The Settings tab can be found in Course Navigation always to the bottom left in Canvas.

Modules Tab

1.2. Disable the Course Grading Scheme

By default, Canvas displays student grades based on a grading scheme of +/- letter grades tied to ranges measured from 0-100%. See the image below of a test student in their Grades area. Note the: (1) Letter grade, total percentage, and  (2) points earned and displayed for each graded assignment.

From the course Settings view, scroll down till you see the heading: Grading Scheme. Deselect the Checkbox for Enable course grading scheme. With this grading scheme enabled, students can see their letter grade anytime during the semester by accessing the Grades link in course navigation.

1.3. Scroll down and choose more options

1.4. Select Hide totals in student grades summary and Hide grade distribution graphs from students

Select the above mentioned boxes, then select Update Course Details to save your settings.

Enabling these settings will hide the total column for students when they view their Grades area in your Canvas course.

Note the student perspective below of the disabled status of the totals calculation of their Grades area in the Canvas desktop application.

Note the view below from the student perspective on the iOS version of the Canvas Application. When grades are hidden in a Canvas course, see (Comm -100), students see a lock icon in the upper left corner on the course tab on the Dashboard. When faculty enable the grading scheme and do not hide totals and grade distribution graphs for students, studens can see the letter grade and total percentage in the course tab - see (Test).

2. Change Grade Posting Policy to Manually Post Grades

2.1. Select Grades from the Course Navigation Menu

Figure 2a | Open Assignment

2.2. Select the Gear icon in the upper right corner.

2.3. Deselect Automatically apply grade for missing submissions

2.4. Choose Grade Posting Policy, and Select Manually Post Grades

2.5. Choose Apply Setting in the lower right corner to save your settings

After choosing Apply Settings, all the assignment columns in your grade book display the word: MANUAL denoting you have chosen Manually Post Grades in your course.

Select the three dot kebab to the right of an assignment's name and choose Hide grades.

Read the pop-out menu that appears on the right hand side of your screen, then choose Hide at the bottom.

An eye with a slash through it appears to the left of the assignment's name in the Gradebook. You can now grade student submissions and post comments.

See the image below for a student's perspective of their Grades area in the Canvas desktop application with the above course grading settings enabled.

Students will not be notified of any grading activity until faculty choose to Post grades. 

3. Hide and post grades for assignments in the Gradebook

3.1. In your Gradbook select the three dot kebab to the right of an assignment's name in a column

Note that the eye with the slash through it to the left of an assignment's name - denotes that your grades are hidden for that assignment. Select the three dot kebab to manually decide when you want to Post grades for assignments when your Gradebook is set to Manually Post Grades.

You must manually choose from each assignment column in the gradebook when you want to hide or post grades. This is advantageous when you are receiving submissions from students and want to get started grading early. Selecting Hide grades on an assignment column will allow you to grade early submissions without releasing grading information to students you grade.

3.2. Select Post grades

A pop-out dialogue menu appears from the right hand corner. Review the message and select Everyone or Graded. Then select Post to release grades and comments.


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