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Sharing Canvas Course Objects

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This article is for faculty who would like to share a Canvas course object (i.e. page, assignment, quiz, discussion, and module) with colleagues.

Article Overview

Should I Send, Copy, Duplicate, or do a Course Import?

Send allows faculty to share course objects with colleagues. This article will demonstrate the steps for sending and receiving a course object.

Copy allows faculty to put a copy of a course object into another course in which he or she has the role Teacher.

Duplicate allows faculty to make a copy of a page, discussion, or assignment within the same course.

Course Import  allows faculty to import an entire course or multiple course objects into a new course. Course import allows allows faculty to copy rubrics and quizzes.

1. Send a Course Object Colleague

Choose a course object that you would like to share. In this example, we will send an assignment, but we could also send a page, quiz, or module following the same steps.

To access an assignment, click on the Assignments link in the Course Navigation Menu.

Image of the course navigation menu and the Assignments link highlighted

Find the assignment.

Image of an assignment

Click on the three-dot menu on the right side of the course object.

Image of assignment with the three-dot menu highlighted

Choose Send To.

Image of three-dot dropdown menu with Send to highlighted

Start typing the email address of your colleague and click on their profile when they appear below the Send To box. Repeat this step to add more colleagues. You can also send a course object to yourself.

Image of send to window with email address typed in text field and profile appearing below

Click Send.

Image of Send to popup window with name in send to and the send button highlighted

1.2. View Shared Content

The recipient will find a shared course object by going to (1) Account from the Global Navigation Menu and selecting (2) Shared Content.

Image of global navigation menu with account highlighted and shared content highlighted

The shared content page will show received content. The recipient can import this course object into a course by (1) clicking on the three-dot kebab menu on the right and (2) selecting Import.

Shared Content page with the three-dot menu for an assignment highlighted and the import option highlighted

On the right side of the screen, import options will appear. Choose the course where you would like to add the course object. At this point, you can also choose to add the course object to a module within your target course, but this step is optional. Click on Import to finalize bringing the course object into the target course.

Image of import popup window a target course selected, optional module unselected, and the import button highlighted


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