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LinkedIn Learning on Canvas

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This article is for faculty who use LinkedIn Learning on Canvas.

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Students will need to sign in to LinkedIn to access a LinkedIn Learning assignment. They can create a LinkedIn account using their Horizon email addresses. If they prefer to use a personal LinkedIn account, they will need to associate their personal account with their CSUEB account.

1. Create an Assignment

Click on the Assignments link in the Course Navigation Menu.

Image of course navigation menu with the assignments link highlighted

To create a new assignment, you can click on (1) red +Assignment button or (2) the gray plus sign in the target assignment group if you have already created assignment groups.

Image of modules with 1 + Assignment and 2 +in an assignment group highlighted

(1) Name your assignment. Then add (2) directions and (3) the point value.

Image of assignment creation page with assignment name, direction, and points highlighted

1.2. Add LinkedIn as an External Tool

Change the submission type to External Tool to access LinkedIn Learning.

Image of submission type drop down menu with external tool selected

After selecting External Tool, your options will change. Click on Find to search for LinkedIn Learning.

Image of submission type area for external tools with the find button highlighted

Scroll down and select LinkedIn Learning.

Image of the window of external tools with LinkedIn Learning highlighted

You may need to sign into LinkedIn Learning. If you get an error when you try to log in, you may need to clear your browser's cache and log back in.

A window for LinkedIn Learning will open.

Image of the LinkedIn Learning window

2. Choose a Video or Course

2.1. Search for a Video or Course

In the LinkedIn Learning window, search for your assignment's video by (1) typing its name or topic in the search area and (2) click on the course or video's Add button.

You can only add one LinkedIn video or course to an assignment.

Image of the LinkedIn Learning window with the words writing in the search field highlighted and the a video with the add button highlighted

Click on the Confirm button.

Image of a video with the text successfully added and the blue button Confirm highlighted

2.2. Finish Creating Your Assignment

(1) Scroll down in the main pop-up window. (2) Deselect the "Load in a New Tab" check box that is selected by default. (3) Click on the Select button to update your settings.

You will now see a link to LinkedIn Learning in the External Tool finder. (1) Add your assignment's due date and availability dates. (2) Then select Save and Publish if you are ready for students to view the video. Otherwise, choose Save.  

Image of the assignment page showing a LinkedIn link in the find external tool area and the assign field to area with due date and availability dates highlighted and the save and publish button highlighted

After you save your assignment, you will see the LinkedIn Video on the assignment's page.

Image of an assignment with a LinkedIn Learning Video

If you are no longer logged into LinkedIn, you may get this message: "Waiting for login." Click on the button Open Login Window and log into your LinkedIn account. Logging into LinkedIn will allow you to see the video.

Image of an assignment with the text waiting for login don't see a separate window and the button open login window highlighted

3. Add Your Assignment to a Module

You can add an assignment to a module. Start by clicking on the Module link in the Course Navigation Menu.

Image of the course navivation menu and modules highlighted

Find a module and click on the + button.

Image of a module with the + button highlighted

(1) Scroll down to (2) select your LinkedIn Learning assignment from the drop down menu and (3) click the Add button.

Image of the Add Item to Module 1 with the assignment LinkedIn Learning Video for Module 1 highlighted and the add item button highlighted


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