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How to Submit an Assignment in Canvas

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This article is for Students needing to submit Assignments in Canvas Courses. Instructors may have you access assignments in two different ways, this article will cover both.

1. Accessing Assignments in Canvas Courses

Instructors may have you access assignments in Canvas by selecting the Assignments tab or Modules Tab from the Course Navigation links on the left in your courses. We will cover both ways.

Access assignments from Assignments or Modules tabs in course navigation links

The Assignments tab can be found in Course Navigation to the left in Canvas.

Access assignments from the Assignments Tab in Course navigation

Assignments will be available in four possible categories; Overdue, Upcoming, Undated, and Past. Assignments are categorized by the pencil and paper icon (see red arrows). Select an assignment by clicking on the text of the name of it to read submission instructions.

Assignments are categorized by: Overdue, upcoming, undated, past.

The Modules tab can be found in the Course Navigation to the left in Canvas. Selecting the Module tab will show you course content organized by week, unit, chapter etc. depending on the way your instructor sets up their course. Scroll through the module to find the Assignment to access. In this example I will select "Assignment 1" pointed to with the red arrow.

Select Modules in Course navigation and select an assignment

2. Viewing Canvas Assignment Features

2.1. Select the name of the Assignment to open it.

Open the assignment by clicking on its name inside of the Modules or Assignments area in Canvas.

Select the name of the assignment to open it

You will see the (1) title of the assignment at the top, beneath that, the (2) due date and time. If multiple attempts were assigned, attempts will be listed in a (3) drop box below the due date. On the far right, you can view (4) total points possible, as well as (5) an Add Comment button to select to leave your instructor feedback per each attempt submitted. See the (6) Details section with drop down arrow on the left, which outlines the instructions for the assignment. Your instructor may also place a rubric below the instructions. If this is the case, a drop down arrow with the words View Rubric will appear (7). If a rubric is present, read through it to get a better idea of what you need to do to successfully complete the assignment.

Notice the Assignment name, due date, attempt, points possible, comment box, details area, and rubric

3. Submitting Assignments in Canvas

In the bottom right hand corner, there will be a faded out red "Submit Assignment" button. Canvas will not allow you to select this button until you scroll down and view the submission options your instructor enabled.

Select the submit assignment button to submit your work

Scroll to the bottom of the assignment to view Submission type information. In this example, the red square for file uploads is enabled for submission. Select the rocket ship to open your computer's file browser, or drag an accepted file type into the perforated box to submit.

The red Upload square denotes the submission type chosen by your instructor. Clicking the red upload square will not allow you to submit. You must select the rocket ship and choose a file to upload. Do not select the the "More " square, unless directed to do so by your instructor.

a red uplod icon signals to click on the rocket ship or drag a supported file to the rocket icon.

Once a file has been selected, (1) the file name will be displayed above the rocket ship. The red Submit Assignment button will be bright red. At this time, you can (2) select the Submit Assignment button to submit your work.

A page with the title of your submission and a green check mark displays when your submission is sucessfully attached.

Your submission will be (1) time stamped and your work will be visible in the (2) document viewer. You can send a comment to your instructor for your submission that they may see when grading your work. You can select the (3) Add Comment button in the upper right corner. If your instructor has enabled multiple submission attempts a red "Try Again" button (4) will be available in the bottom right corner. Selecting the Try Again button will allow you to submit another attempt.

Notice the submitted time stamp, your submission in the document viewer, add comment box, and try again button at bottom available if multiple attempts have been enabled.


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