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Canvas Migration Exception Log

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This article is for faculty inspecting the Migration Exception Log for courses migrated from Blackboard to Canvas.

What is a Migration Exception Log?

As courses are migrated from Blackboard to Canvas, Migration Exception Logs are generated as a Page in the Canvas course to record warnings or failures for content during the migration process. This log is useful for informing faculty if certain content did not migrate into Canvas.

If a course does not generate any errors during the migration process, there will be no Migration Exception Log inside of the course. This means a migrated course may not have a Migration Exception Log.

Find the Migration Exception Log

1. Open the Migrated Course

Courses migrated from Blackboard appear under All Courses as Past Enrollments.

View All Courses

Open a migrated course by clicking on it from within the All Courses list.

View Migrated Courses
Pages tab in Course Navigation

3. Locate the Migration Exception Log

If there were no errors or failures during the migration process, a Migration Exception Log will not exist.

The Migration Exception Log will be a Page titled "000-Migration Exception Log". This means it will appear near the top of the list of Pages in the migrated course.

000-Migration Exception Log

4. Reading the Migration Exception Log

The Migration Exception Log will be populated with a list of warnings, notices, or errors. The list will be separated into Item(s) Requiring Action and Item(s) Requiring No Action.

The System field describes which LMS created the warning.

Target will contain a link to where the migrated content would have been contained.

Source will contain a link from the original migrated content that generated a warning.

Item(s) Requiring Action
Item(s) Requiring No Action


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