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(Faculty) Check Course Evaluation Response Rates

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This article is for faculty checking their Course Evaluation response rates (how many students have responded to the course evaluation survey) for their currently active evaluation surveys.

Anonymized results of course evaluations will be released to faculty and department inboxes after grades for the semester are due. Refer to this guide to interpret the end-of-semester evaluation reports.

1. Open the Course in Canvas

Sign in to CSUEB's Canvas system here using your NetID and password.

Each course contains a Course Evaluation link within it, open up a course. Any course will show all active course evaluation surveys.

Open a Canvas Course

2. Access the Course Evaluation Link

The Course Evaluation link is located in the Course Navigation panel to the left.

course evaluation button

If you are unable to view the Course Navigation panel, you can un-hide it by clicking the hamburger (three lines) menu icon at the top left.

Enable Course Navigation Panel

3. Reviewing Your Response Rate

After following the instructions above,  you will see a list of courses you taught during the term. Each course will have a Final or Current Response Rate (e.g. 6 of 146) with a percent of completion encapsulated by a circular visual graph. Next to the percent will be the number of days left (Closes in 2 Days) and the date and time of when the survey closes.

Course Evaluation Dashboard, instructor view.


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