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Interfolio: Adding files to your case! 

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1. You will  receive an email from Interfolio letting you know that your case is open. This particular link is good for 30 days; your case remains open and active until the due date.

Select "VIEW CASE" to be taken to Interfolio.  

2. You will log in using your CSUEB credentials; if you choose either option in the yellow box you will be directed to enter your NETID.

3. You have access to 2 sides of Interfolio: 

  1. The CSUEB side, which is where your case/packets can be found, both active and closed (which you will have after year 1). 
  2. The idossier side, which is where all of your uploaded materials, collections made by you and documents shared with you can be found.

If you do not get the above option to choose the "side" of Interfolio, you can always toggle between the two sides as shown below:

4. Once logged into the CSUEB side (not materials) you should land on your current/active/open packet. All of your packets can be found on the CSUEB side of Interfolio (you can toggle between the idossier side and the CSUEB side by using the drop-down menu under your name in the right corner as shown above) by selecting "Your Packets" on the left menu bar. 

You can see that your active and completed packets will be found here. Select your current Year 1 Retention Review packet to begin adding your materials.

5. Once you are in your packet, make sure you are  in the Packet tab, as shown below where packet is circled in yellow. You may then use the add buttons to add your materials.

6. You can see below that you will be able to add materials from your existing uploaded files (basically anything you have added to your materials library) or you may add collections (that you have built within your materials).  

7. Once your section has the minimum amount of required files, you can submit.

  1. your minimum amount of required files has been added 
  2. you checked the section you would like to submit 
  3. you choose this box to Submit Sections

8. Once you submit your sections, that section is locked and you will not be able to edit that section without the campus admin (Sophie Bloch) re-opening that section. Please do not submit sections until you are 100% ready to do so

9. Once all sections are submitted and locked, your dossier/case/packet is considered submitted and you are done!


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