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College Admin Interfolio Tutorial for adding WPAFs

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Please find below directions for the college administrators who are responsible for adding WPAF documents to RTP cases initiated within Interfolio 

1. You will receive an email like the one shown here; please follow the link 

2. By following the link you will be guided to the Interfolio login page; select "sign in with partner institution.

3. Search the word EAST. CSUEB will be the first to pop up and you can select the university.

4. You will be taken to the usual NETID login for CSUEB. Use your normal credentials. 

5. Once logged into Interfolio, you will be taken to the case that was emailed to you. (To view all of your cases that need WPAF docs added, you would select "Cases" from the left-hand navbar, and that will take you to your library of all cases in need of WPAF submissions. 

Here you will select the "Case Details" tab. 

6. Once you are in the Case Details tab, you will see that you can add your WPAF docs by selecting the +ADD button. 

7. Please watch this 1 minute video that shows you the process of adding the docs. 

When you are done adding documents, you can select cases on the left-hand navbar to see of you have any more cases initiated for you to add docs to. Anything that you need to add docs to will have a red triangle with an exclamation point. If a case has been completed (as in you added your WPAF docs already) the red triangle will be gone. 


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