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Interfolio Committee Member Tutorial

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1. You will receive an email from Interfolio when your level of review has been activated.

2. Choose "Sign in with Partner Institution."

3. Search "east" to bring up CSUEB.

4. Log in with your usual netID and password.

4. Choose the CSUEB option.

5. You will land on your home page where you will see any cases/reviews you have tasks for; select the case you wish to review. 

If you don't see any cases, make sure to select "Case" on the left-hand navbar. 

6. You will be using the "Read Case" feature of Interfolio.

7. When reading the case, please explore all drop down sections of the packet, as shown on the left of the screen. To exit the packet/dossier, use the "Return to Case" button in the top right of the screen.

8. To return to any other cases for review, choose "Cases" on the left. A red exclamation triangle will be present until the assigned committee manager (which will be the committee chair) submits a form to complete your level of review. You have no action to take other than communicating with your committee chair what the committee wants relayed on the letter/form. 


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