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Interfolio RTP How to for Department Committee Chairs/Chairs/Deans/UTP Chair/Provost/President

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This tutorial is for individuals who will be using Interfolio in a Committee Manager role. The Committee Manager role is for the RTP point people who completes tasks that allow the RTP reviews to advance to the next level. The Committee Manager role is assigned to Department Committee Chairs, Department Chairs, College Deans, UTP Chair, Provost and President

1. When it is time for your participation in the RTP review, you will be notified via an email from Interfolio.

By following the link you will be prompted to login to Interfolio; choose "Sign in with Partner Institution"

Search the word "east" to bring CSUEB up to the top of the options

You will then be prompted to login via your CSUEB netID and password. Please choose the "CSUEB" option after login. 

2. Once you log in, you can access all of your assigned cases by going to the "Cases" page; you will see the cases that need your participation/are assigned to you. Any case with the red exclamation triangle needs your participation/action from you before it can go to the next step of review. Choose the case you would like to work on. 

3. After choosing the case you wish to work on, you can read the candidate's dossier by selecting "Read Case."

4. Once within the dossier, you can read through the WPAF documents, any documents from review levels before you, and the candidate's submitted dossier. You can return to the "Case Materials/Case Details" section when you are done reviewing by following the "Return to Case" option in the top right. 

5. After thoroughly reviewing the dossier/case, you will be working within the "Case Details" tab 

6. Once you are in the "Case Details" tab, you will be selecting the "Add" button to add your committee's required letter. 

You DO NOT need to fill in your voting results. 

You will upload your letter and choose the corresponding level of review for your letter.

7. Once the letter is submitted you will remain on the "Case Details" tab. Please navigate back to the Case Materials tab as shown in step 8. 

8. These next steps are crucial, as they are the steps in which you share your review form letter with the candidate. You will choose the "Case Materials" tab, and you will drop down the section for which you have submitted a form letter. 

10. Select the checkbox next to your committee letter. Select "Share" from the top nav bar and then select "With Candidate."

Or, as numbered steps: 

1. select completed form from your level of review by dropping down your section and checking the form/letter box 

2. select share 

3. select with candidate  

11. Once you initiate sharing with the candidate you will be directed to an email draft, where you will fill in the appropriate information as demonstrated here: 

SUBJECT LINE: [entity reviewing ie Department Committee] Letter for [type of review ie Second-Year] Review

Dear. Dr. XX, 

Your [entity reviewing ie Department Committee] review has been completed. At this step in the review process you have the opportunity to respond with a rebuttal if you so wish. This opportunity is available within Interfolio. 

Thank you, 

Dr. XX, [role in review ie Department Committee Chair]

You can see below that because by checking the box of your committee form on the previous page, your form/letter is already attached. 

 Once you have drafted your email and confirmed the correct form/letter is attached YOU MUST CHECK THE BOX TO ENABLE FILE RESPONSE. This is how the candidate is allowed the opportunity to submit a rebuttal. 

12. Once you have enabled the File Response check box, you will add the phrase "Option for Rebuttal" under "Message Reason," choose a deadline date 10 full days from the date you are submitting (with the last day landing on a business day). Under "Section for Response" you will use the drop down to select the level of review for which you are participating.


That is the last step of action for a committee manager role! The following information relates to candidate rebuttals.

1. IF your candidate sends a rebuttal, the following notification will be sent:

**rebuttals are automatically sent to all members of the committee 


2. Once logged in, and in your "Home" page, you will see that you have a task. Select the case. 

3. Making sure  you are in the "Case Materials" tab, select the drop down arrow for your review section. The rebuttal letter is now part of that section. 

4. You can select the rebuttal document, and you will be taken to the candidate's dossier packet; the rebuttal document is placed within the letter section of the dossier that corresponds to your step of review. You can read it here at this time. 

5. The recipient of the rebuttal/response (Department Committee Chair, Department Chair, College Committee Chair, Dean, Provost or President) shall indicate receipt of a response or rebuttal, and communicate to the candidate whether or not their recommendation has changed. 

This response from the reviewer must be sent to the candidate outside of Interfolio, via the CSUEB google email account of the reviewer, with a CC to your college admin and to the office of OAA ([email protected]). We will place the document into the WPAF of the candidate. 


M Moon

How can we verify that the letter we believe should have been emailed was actually emailed? Is there a log for the case that documents this? I wish emails would automatically be cc'ed to the sender. Thx.

Sophie Bloch

The Office of Academic Affairs does a double check of the activity log to make sure the email was sent. We will mention to Interfolio that this feature is requested.

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