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Requesting candidate signatures for RTP Acknowledegment Appendix C agreement

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Please use the following path on Adobe Sign to initiate a candidate's signature for the RTP Acknowledgment Appendix C agreement from the RTP Policy and Procedures document (full policy can be found on this page). 

Sign into your Adobe Sign account and navigate to the "Home" page. Start from the library. 

1. Select Workflows 

2. Search the word "appendix" 

3. Select the RTP Appendix C agreement as shown below 

4. Select Start 

1. Enter your candidate's email 

2. Change the doc name to your candidate's last and first names 

3. Initiate the document 

Adobe Sign will then initiate the form by sending it to your candidate. The Pafsign email account will be notified upon completion and OAA will place the signed form into the candidate's PAF.


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