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OnBase Tutorial for Reviewing and Downloading Files

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 1. You must be signed into Ivanti/Pulse Secure to access OnBase from your laptop or home desktop (you won't have to worry about this if you're on a campus desktop). 

** Sometimes OnBase does not open if you have not cleared cookies/cache. If it will not load or open, and you have Pulse Secure activated, please clear your history, and it should open for you.  If you continue to have issues, please contact the Faculty Affairs admin. 

Once you sign in with your CSUEB credentials (netID and password), you will come to the OnBase homepage. Please select "ACADEMIC AFFAIRS DOCUMENTS" and it will select all categories that you will need access to.

2. From here, you can search by name or emplID. OnBase is not very intuitive so you have to enter exact names (spelling, hyphenations etc) correctly. Employee IDs are the most reliable; if you ever cannot find someone, let the Faculty Affairs admin know and we can send you their ID number.  

3. If you select "DOCUMENT NAME" at the top, it will sort the documents by category; if you do not sort, docs will be listed newest to oldest, from top to bottom respectively. Student Evaluations are the last category listed if sorted by document names.   

4. Double click on any file to view. You can view previous and next docs by selecting the options above the open document. 

5. To bulk download (used for downloading student evaluations for ease of review outside of OnBase), you must be able to right click. Please follow the directions below enable right clicking on a Mac if you have not already done so. 

6. After you have chosen which files you wish to bulk download, you can follow these steps: 

1. select the first file
2. press and hold the shift key
3. while continuing to hold the shift key, scroll to the last file you would like and select that file as well

All of the files you wish to download should be blue as below.

Now right click and follow the next steps.  

7. After right clicking you will get a menu. Select "Send To" and then select "File" and a new window will pop up (step 8). 

8. Select "Save."

9. The window will inform you that you have docs that are being downloaded into a zipped file; you can find these files in your zipped drive. You must wait for the download to be complete before closing the window (download in progress shown in top right corner of pic below).

10. You may now open those files from your own computer's download folder to review; please remember to delete all files upon completion of review.


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