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Replying to a Canvas Discussion Board for Students

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This article is for Students who need to reply to Discussions in Canvas courses. Instructors may have you access discussion boards in two different ways, this article will cover both.

1. Replying with a Text Response

The Discussions tab can be found in Course Navigation to the left in Canvas.

Modules Tab

Select the name of a Discussion to read the full prompt. The first three Discussions in the red box are worth points and show a green paper and pencil on the left and display a due date on the far right. The discussions shown below outside of the red box, Class Chat and Discussion 1, are not worth points.

Instructors may make Discussions available to you in the Modules area of Course Navigation. Follow your instructor's directions for accessing Discussion Boards in Canvas.

If your instructor wants you to access Discussions through Modules in Canvas, select the Modules link on the left in Course Navigation.

Scroll to the Module with the Discussion your Instructor wants you to participate in. The Discussion has an icon showing two speech bubbles circled in red below.

Inside Modules, discussions will always show the two speech bubble icons to the left of the title.

1.2. Preparing to Post a Text Reply to a Discussion in Canvas

Select the text of the name of the Discussion to open the prompt. If your instructor has this set up, above the Discussion prompt you may see (1), a note in a Blue box prompting you to post before seeing your peer's replies. Inside the box with the Discussion prompt is the (2) Due Date and time in the upper left hand corner, with the (3) total points possible in the upper right hand corner. Next, (4) read the Discussion prompt. You may prefer to draft your response to the prompt in Google Docs or Microsoft Word to utilize spelling and grammar checking. When ready to post your initial reply, select the (5) Reply button in the bottom left corner.

1.3. Posting Your Initial Text Reply

You can copy your text from your Google or Word doc into the text box or type it in directly. Select the Reply button in the bottom right corner to post to the Discussion.

1.4. Reviewing Your and Your Peer's Replies.

Your post shows up beneath the Discussion prompt. At this time you may (1) Reply to your peers. Additionally, you can (2) select the three dot kebab to the far right of your reply to: Mark as read, Go To Topic - (which takes you to the Discussion Prompt above), Edit, or Delete your post, or Report a post.

2. Recording and Posting a Video

Please review steps 1.1 accessing a Discussion prompt - 1.3 starting a reply for accessing a Discussion prompt. We will begin this section from the view of step 1.3.

2.1. Select the Reply link beneath the main prompt or under a peer's response.

Selecting the (1) Reply button will post your initial response to the entire class discussion. Selecting the (2) Reply link under a peer's post will directly to that peer's discussion thread.

Open the (1) icon showing a play button with a music note next to it, shown (circled in red) below. Next, select Upload/Record Media.

Figure 2a | Open Assignment

Choose Record.  

Select Start Recording to use your computer's webcam to record a video response in a Canvas Discussion.

If your Webcam is not available for use with your browser, you may have to enable your Webcam via your computer's settings.

On a PC running Windows: select the Windows icon > settings (gear icon) > privacy (lock icon) > camera (camera icon) > scroll to Allow desktop apps to access your camera, and toggle the switch to the On position.

On a Mac:  select the Apple icon > Open the system Preferences menu > Security & Privacy > Camera > Click the lock icon > enter your Apple ID to make changes > select the check box next to your browser to enable camera permissions.  

Select the Finish button when done recording.

(1) Enter a Title and (2) select Save Media

Your video Reply will embed inside the text box. Select Reply to post the video.  

Your video will display inside the Discussion Board Reply area.


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