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Lecturer Request to Stay in the Lecturer Pool

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Please begin your request to remain in the Lecturer Pool by following these steps. Begin by opening the form

The form will open as below. 

1. Enter your netID; a drop down containing your netID will appear and you can select it - once you select your netID the rest of your info will auto-fill (as seen in the second pic). 

2. Enter the date, academic year, your department (you must submit a form for each department if you are teaching in more than one), and the emails of your department chair and college analyst. 

If you have an updated CV, you will select the "Yes" radio button and you will be sent an invitation from Adobe Sign to finish that task (step 3). 

If you do not have an updated CV, you select "No" and you will still receive an invitation from Adobe Sign to sign your form, but you do not need to upload a CV. It is optional. 

3. You will receive an email, as below. You will follow the link to "Review and approve." Following this link is where you will have the option to attach an updated CV; regardless of attaching a CV, all form submissions will be signed at this level by you, the lecturer submitting. 

4. This link will take you to Adobe Sign where you will upload a copy of your CV, if you choose to do so, and sign your form. 

5. Once you have signed and submitted, this notice will appear. 

6. You will receive a copy of your completed form via email, as shown below. You should save this copy for your own records.  


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