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Restoring Archived Panopto Videos

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This article is for faculty who are using Canvas and would like to restore archived Panopto Videos.

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If an instructor hasn't used a Panopto Video for two years, it will be archived. Follow the steps below to restore an archived Panopto Video.

1. Accessing Panopto Video

If you have already enabled the Panopto Video link on your Course Navigation Menu for your course, skip to section 1.2. Otherwise, select Settings from the Course Navigation Menu on the left side of the page.

If you do not want to have a Panopto Video link available to students, follow these steps in your Canvas sandbox course.

Image of course navigation menu with settings highlighted

Choose the Navigation tab.

Image of settings page with navigation tab highlighted

(1) Scroll down to the second group of links to find Panopto Video. (2) Select the three-dot kebab menu. (3) Choose Enable.

Image of bottom list of nagivation links and menu for Panopto Video open and enable highlighted

Scroll down and select Save.

Image of navigation page with the save button at the bottom highlighted

Select Panopto Video from the Course Navigation Menu on the left side of the page.

Image of course navigation links with Panopto Video highlighted

Select the popout box at the upper-right corner of the page to open the Panopto website in a new tab.

Image of Panopto page the popout icon to open the Panopto website highlighted

2. Finding and Restoring Archived Videos

2.1. View System Settings

Select System at the bottom left of the Panopto website.

Image of Panopto website with the System link highlighted

System options will appear on the upper-left side of your screen. Choose Archive.

Image of Panopto System page with the Archive option highlighted

2.2. View Archived Videos

You will see a list of your archived videos. Scroll down until you find a video that you would like to restore.

Image of archived videos

2.3. Select and Restore an Archived Video

Hover your cursor over the video that you would like to restore and (1) check the box to in its left-hand corner. Several buttons will appear to the right of the video. (2) Select Restore from Archive.

Image of hover options for a video checkbox and restore from archive

Select OK.

Image of popup with text are you sure you want to restore the selected item(s)? and OK highlighted

It may take up to 48 hours for a video to be restored.

(1) Go to My Folder to find your restored video. You may choose to move this video to a different folder by (2) hovering your mouse over the video, selecting it, and (3) choosing Move.

Image of 1 my folder 2 a checked video and 3 the move button highlighted

Choose the drop down menu to select a different folder.

Image of the move videos to dropdown menu open with folders available

Select Move.

Image of move videos to sandbox folder and the move button highlighted


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